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Carlo, Toronto

I reached out to Cassidy Watches in search of a Batman Rolex. They were pleasant to deal with and was able to source me the piece I was looking for within a couple of days. Once the watch had arrived, they took the time to personally deliver the watch to me, and walk me through the functions of the watch. I will definitely be spending more with Cassidy Watches soon!

Joey, Montreal

Cassidy Watches was able to hook me up with a great deal on a Submariner I’ve had my eye on forever! After letting them know through Instagram that I was thinking about adding a Sub to my collection, Cassidy Watches reached out to me and let me know that they had received the exact model I was after. They sent me detailed photos of the watch, and before I knew it my new Submariner was on my wrist.

Eddie, Toronto

A friend of mine referred me to Cassidy Watches, letting me know that they had a Rootbeer GMT in stock. Upon inquiring I was put directly in touch with the owner, who explained all of the watch specifications to me, as well as the pros and cons of the piece (those who own polished links know what I mean)! They were was easy to deal with, and made the entire transaction feel very safe. I have already referred friends to Cassidy Watches knowing that they will have as great an experience as I did.

Jose, Toronto

I’d been thinking about purchasing a BLNR GMT for over a year. When I saw Cassidy Watches post one on their Instagram, I reached out and asked if they’d consider a trade. I sent a couple of photos of my watch, and they were able to offer me a very fair trade value for my piece. They were very honest with the condition of the BLNR, and I walked away with an all-time grail on my wrist. Thanks guys.

Joseph, Montreal

After a friend put me onto Cassidy Watches, I reached out and sent them a list of a few watches I was looking to part with. They gave me a call, and sent me a price list of what he was willing to pay on each piece. After some negotiation we were able to work out a price that made sense for both of us. The owner went above and beyond, and flew to Montreal to pick the watches up from me in person! Cassidy Watches is now the first person I call when I’m thinking of selling a piece or picking up a new one.

Derek, Vancouver

I reached out to Liam after seeing his advertisement on Instagram. I was a bit weary given the source, but contacted Liam through his website and right away I received professional informed service. Him and the watch were in Toronto and within two days of confirming my purchase, I had the watch on my wrist in Vancouver and in perfect condition. Great service, trustworthy and very responsive. He has my full recommendation.

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